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Premium Proxy Directory: for free - Click Here to begin. is the best place to maximize value for your Safe and Anonymity Internet Surf . We have an unequaled service set, which is included Free of Charge proxy lists, software to find and check proxy and the most useful FAQ section.

Here are some of the great FREE features with proxies:

bullet Transfer speed improvement!
bullet Security and privacy - using a proxy for STEALTH!
bullet Be free to surf anywhere! Use proxy, if you encounter some problems while accessing to web server, because website administrator restricted access from your IP.
bullet Connect to Newsgroups, FTP, IRC, ICQ and Email (POP/IMAP) even if you are behind a firewall blocking access to these programs/protocols.
bullet Anonymize your connections to Newsgroups, FTP, IRC, ICQ and Email (POP/IMAP).
bullet Most functionality proxy list. Our Full HTTP & SOCKS proxy list contain 99,9% working proxy servers!
bullet Prevent fraud, spam and other unwanted activity taking place on websites!


Is it legal to surf through open proxies?

As far as we can tell, the answer is yes. The primary argument against open proxies is that their owners may not have intended for them to be used by the public. However, by running a service on a machine accessible to the public, without restricting access to that service, the machine's administrator is implicitly consenting for that service to be used by the public. A proxy server is just like a web server, an FTP server, or any other net service: if it's running and accepting connections, it's fair game. The internet is a public network.
With regard to US law in particular, 18 USC 1030 (which covers computer-related fraud and theft) applies only when the user has knowingly accessed a computer without authorization or has knowingly exceeded his authorized access on that computer. Because an open HTTP proxy, by default, allows connections and use of the service by anyone in the world, the proxy's administrator has essentially "authorized" everyone to use the service. There's no intentional bypassing of security taking place. Just as you don't need Google's express written permission to connect to, you don't need a proxy admin's express written permission to use his open proxy server.

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- Add Premium Proxy Directory
- Made some performance tweaks and added more proxy.
upgrade of our proxy database and moved to the new dedicated server.
- Updated proxy FAQ section. Added new articles.

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